Super Moshi Mission #1

Go to the volcano and then click the entrance to the HQ.

Then click on Super Moshi Elder and skip the rest.

Then click the rock on the floor, the keys on the door, the rag on the window and the magnifying glass on the desk. Use the keys to open the green cabinet and the cog inside goes on the thing to lower the incubtator. Then turn off the light and take the strange branch and give all the items to Buster.

In Wobbly Woods go talk to the tree and then take the berries and books. Then put the books in the bucket of the other tree. Feed shrewman a combinations of berries, when you get them right take the bucket and fill it with water and then give it to the tree.

Click the skull twice and do the key mission and then drag the key to the door.

When your in collect all the items that flash. Click the kettle. Then put the cauldron on the stove. Then put the wood and candle at bottom. Then make a recipe of bat droppings, blue berries, troll snot , moldy mushroom and a feather. Use the empty bottle and fill it with shrinking poision. Shrink the egg and then bring it to Buster’s house then…


These are the instructions for the 1st Super Moshi Mission



21 thoughts on “Super Moshi Mission #1

  1. A new mission just came out! Click the picnic basket on Main Street, and enter the game. Sadly, when you finish all the levels, you get nothing. 😦

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