Mash Up Card Items

Groovy Door
Groovy Windows
Groovy Floor
Groovy Wallpaper
Groovy Flower
Groovy Table
Moshi Mash up Poster 1
Moshi Mash up Poster 2
Moshi Mash up Poster 3
Moshi Mash up Poster 4
Super star dresser
Super star door
Super star floor
Super star wallpaper
Super star window
Alcove 1
Alcove 2
Alcove 3
Alcove 4
Lil’ Rockin’ Radio- Blue
Lil’ Rockin’ Radio- Pink

Pumkin Chowder
Cup of Gruel
Gingerbread Monster
Swirlberry Muffin
Eye Pie
Jelly Baked Beans
Fango Mandango
Garlic Marshmallow



92 thoughts on “Mash Up Card Items

  1. hi guys if ur looking for a friend then im the one on moshi monsters my monster spark is so upsset that he has a ittle bit freinds

  2. Hey!!!
    I wanna get moshi mash up cards!
    I was going to but sadly I could not because I was going ot my friends house and my friend said I can come at 2:00pm and on the day her dad said no!

    • Want to start a collection of your own? Mash Up trading cards are available in the UK at over 25,000 independent newsagents as well as The Entertainer, Toys R Us, Sainsbury’s, Co-op, Martin McColls and One Stop. They’re available in the USA at Toys R Us, Target, Walmart, Shopko, Fred Meyer, and Meijer. Toys R Us (USA) even has a BONUS CARD which features a certain gloved villain. You can also get the cards at or over at the Moshi Store.

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