HUGE COLD Winter SNOW Storm Coming My Way!

Hey Guys, I Know This Is VERY VERY off Topic And Weird, But We Are Getting OVER 30 CM Of Snow! We Usually ONLY Get 5-10 CM Of Snow! But Looks Like Were Getting MUCH MUCH MUCH More! The Storm Starts Tonight, And Go Threw Tuesday And Wednesday! 2 And A Half Days OF Freezing Cold Snow! It Gonna Go All Up To 30 CM Of Snow! WOW! Take a Look At These Sites:




2009Fire15’s Moshi Contest February 2011

2009Fire15’s Moshi Contest: FEBRUARY 01-FEBRUARY 13 2011

There Will Be A Fantastic, Fun And Cool Contest On 2009Fire15’s

Pin Board! Here Is How It Works. I Will Post A Question On My Pin Board Each Day During Feb.1st-Feb.13. The 1st Person To Answer The Question Correctly, Will Get Their Prizes. When Someone Does Answer The Question Right, The Contest Will Be Closed For The Day. So Only The 1st Person To answer Correctly Will Get The Prizes.


  • Gifts OR A Gift
  • Membership
  • 5 Star Rating/A Visit
  • Best Friend
  • A Surprise Pin Board Message
  • Job Privileges On This Site
  • A Shout Out On My Pin Board Or On The Forums OR On This Site
  • Moshling And Arby Codes If Needed

That Is All The Prizes That Could Be Won During My Contest!! I HOPE Everyone Enters!!



Lukey’s Moshi Contest for prizes!!!! February 2011

There will be a contest on my pinboard on Moshi Monsters for prizes.
I will put 1 question a day on my pinboard for 7 days (a week) and the 7 people that got them right will be put in a hat and 3 will be picked.
Add/Visit me on Moshi by clicking the link below

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Moshling Boshling! Now Here!!

Moshling Boshling! Posted by Roary Scrawl on January 29, 2011

Dr. Strangeglove has unleashed a slew of mayhem-causing creatures called Glumps. Even their name sounds naughty! You might have noticed a Glump stealing cakes from the picnickers on Main Street. Stealing cakes all over Monstro City is just one of the ways Glumps cause trouble.

How will we defeat these mischief-making Glumps? If you’re a Moshi Member, you can click on the picnickers and play a round (or six!) of Moshling Boshling. Use the catapult to sling Moshlings at the naughty Glumps and grab Glump Cakes along the way.

You can earn a LOT of Rox playing this game. To defeat the Glumps, you’re going to need SUPER MOSHI power. If you’re not already a Moshi Member, you can become one here. Then you’ll be well on your way to taking out those Glumps for good. Yeehaw! How far have you gotten in the game?

Cap N Buck Returns From Rockstar Reef!!