4th Day Of Twistmas Item

Hi The 4th Twistmas Item Is Hidden At:

The Bizare Bazar!


Moshi Monsters Christmas!

Christmas Is Almost Here, 2011 Is Right Around The Corner! I Cannot Wait!

Check Out The Moshi Streets, They Are Decorated With Christmas Items And Snow! Cool Huh? Here Is ONE Place, The MAIN Street:

So Cool Right?!

3rd Day Of Twistmas Item Is Hidden At The DIYS.

There Is Also A NEW Food Item Available At The Grossery Store!





2nd Day Of Twistmas Item

This Is The 2nd Item:

It Is Hidden At the: YUKEA.



1st Day Of Twistmas Item

The Christmas Items Are Coming To The Moshi Shops Now!!!

Each Day There Is A New Item, There Is 11 Days Till Christmas! So Each Day Till Christmas There Will Be A Christmas Item Hidden Somewhere In A Store, ANY Store, It Won’t Show It’s Item, All It Shows It A Present. Once You Buy The Present, You Should Check Your Clothing Room, Or Your Treasure chest, Here Is The 1st Christmas Item, Remember, This Is The Only Item Here So Far, As There Is 10 Christmas Items, 10 To Come, 1 Already Here, It Is:


What Is It? Its For Level ONE And 10 ROX, Well Go And Find It, FINE! Ill tell U Where It Is, It Is At The Market Place, In The KATSUMA KLOTHES!

I Ain’t Telling You What Is Inside The Gift Box. You Need To Buy It Yourself! Its A Surprise! Well, There is The 1st Item, A New Item Comes In Everyday Till Christmas, All The New Items Are Christmas Items, And Will Leave After Christmas, So You Can Only Buy These Items ONCE A Year!!


2009Fire15 Is Now On Level 26!!!!

Yay I Am On level 26!! Take A Look At The Trophy:




NAME:                                                TOTAL VOTES:

Moshi Monsters 2009Fire15: 64 Votes
Fire’s Moshi Blog: 84
This Is The Place To be If You Play Moshi Monsters:  22 Votes
A Moshi Monsters Blog By 2009Fire15: 30 Votes
The TRUE Stuff About Moshi Monsters: 47 Votes
Moshi Incredible: 43 Votes
Super Moshi Monsters 2009Fire15’s Blog: 39 Votes
Moshi Insiders With 2009Fire15 : 67 Votes
The One And Only Moshi Monsters Blog: 67 Votes

THE SITES, NAME, IS…………………..


The Total Amount Of People That Voted On The Name Fire’s Moshi Blog Was:

84 People!!

Thank You EVERYONE Who Voted!!

The TOTAL Votes Were: 404 Votes!!

Woo!!! The Poll Started On NOV.1, And Now Ends On Dec.10!!!

Thank You So Much Everyone!!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 🙂 🙂 😉


-FIRE 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

Secret #2

Secret #2 Is Now Here!!!! Its Called LADY GOO GOO!!!!

She Is So Awesome!!! To Get Lady Goo Goo, You need To Be A Member, You Need Be A Super Moshi, And Complete The Missions At The Volcano Room Near Puzzle Palace. This Is How Lady Goo Goo Looks Like: