Twistmas Item #11

Its Christmas Eve Here, In Just A Few More Hours It’ll Be Christmas!

Well, the 11th Item is At: Bizare Bazar

My Moshi Music Video Also Hit The DAILY GROWL (News)

Since It Got On The Daily Growl, I Got OVER 200 Friend Requests Today, OVER 1,000 Room Visits, And OVER 700 Messages! I Also Received Over 15 Gifts!!!



9th Day And 10th Day Of Twistmas Items

9th Day Of  Twistmas Item: Yukea

10th Day Of Twistmas Item: Diavolo Duds



All I Want For Christmas Is You Moshi Monsters Music Video Christmas Speacial!

The Video Is Finally Here! Take A Look At It:

I Really Worked Super Hard On It!! I Hope You Enjoyed It! Thanks Everyone Who Took Place In A part In The Video! I’ll Probably Make Another Music Video For NEXT Year! 😛

There It Is Anyway! Merry Christmas, Happy New Year!!!

8th Day Of Twistmas Item

The 8th Day Of Twistmas Item Is Hidden At…..

The Bizare Bazar!!!


6th And 7th Day Of Christmas Item

6th Christmas Item is Hidden At: Poppets Closet

7th Christmas Item Is Hidden At: The Grossery


So Sorry For Posting Such Less, I Am Working On A MOSHI MUSIC VIDEO For Christmas! It Will Be All Done And Ready And Posted Here On December 24, 2010, Which Is Christmas Eve! Hope Everyone Keeps Checking Back For It! I Am Also Making A Site for A DIFFERENT Game, Called Pandanda.



Anyways, Take Care


I Am Working An Another Site For A Different Game!

Hi Everyone! If You Notice That I Ain’t Posting A Lot, Thats Because I Am Working On A Different Site For Another Game Called Pandanda!

Pandanda Is Pretty Fun Game That Many Kids Play Online! It Is VERY Popular Too! Since I Know A Lot About Pandanda, I Decided To Set Up A Site For It.

If You Do Play Pandanda, You Can Look For Me, My User Is: 2009FIRE

Anyway, I Just Wanted To Let You Know!




5th Day Of Twistmas Item

5TH Day Of Twistmas Item is Hidden At: YUKEA


4th Day Of Twistmas Item

Hi The 4th Twistmas Item Is Hidden At:

The Bizare Bazar!


Moshi Monsters Christmas!

Christmas Is Almost Here, 2011 Is Right Around The Corner! I Cannot Wait!

Check Out The Moshi Streets, They Are Decorated With Christmas Items And Snow! Cool Huh? Here Is ONE Place, The MAIN Street:

So Cool Right?!

3rd Day Of Twistmas Item Is Hidden At The DIYS.

There Is Also A NEW Food Item Available At The Grossery Store!





2nd Day Of Twistmas Item

This Is The 2nd Item:

It Is Hidden At the: YUKEA.