Cap N Buck Is At The Port! Nov.30.2010.

Hi… Cap N Buck Is At The Port Again, He’ll Probably Stay At The Port For About 2 Weeks, He Might Go And Come Back Near Christmas Time I Hope! Remember, Only Members Get Access To The Port And Cap B Buck’s Items! So You should Continue Reading If Your A Moshi Member, Cap N Buck Brought Back Some Hairy Stuff. LOL, Take A Look At The Items And His Ship:

Cool Huh? Here Is How Much It Costs, What Its Called And What Its Level Is:
Blue Wig Couch:  Rox: 55, Level: 7
Hair Bow Cabinet: Rox: 45, Level: 5
Wiggy Wallpaper: Rox: 40, Level: 3
Wiggy Window: Rox: 30, Level: 5
Hair Clippings Rug: Rox: 40, Level: 6
Wiggy Treasure: Rox: 10, Level: 5
Wiggy Door: Rox: 25, Level: 4
Toupee Table: Rox: 45, Level: 6
Wig Lamp: Rox: 25, Level: 7
Thats All For Now! Thanks For Reading, Happy Monstering!

Moshi Monsters Sent Me An Email Saying: That They Love Me!

Moshi Said They Love Me And That Because Im here, There Is Only One Less Lonely Monster! Awww! Take A Look:

Awesome Huh!

Oh Yeah!

Happy Thanksgiving Americans!

Hi Everyone! Happy Thanksgiving To The People Who Have Thanksgiving In Their Country Today! Im In Canada, So Thanksgiving Passed In October!

What Are You Doing For Thanksgiving? Lemme Know In The Comments! Is Thanksgiving In Your Country Or Not? Lemme Know In The Comments!

Im Just Posting To See How Everyone Is And Cause Its A Day To Thank For What You Have! Even Though Thanksgiving Is Over Where I Am, I Would Still Like To Thank Everyone For Being Such Great Friends And Helping Me By Coming And Checking This Blog Out Daily! This Site Now Has OVER 24,000 Visits And Over 1,000 Comments In Total! Thank You So Much Everybody!



There Is Also New Food Items:

It Is Pumpkin Pie And Traditional Turkey! LOL!

They Are In The RED Box!


Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving!



Upcomming Events On This Blog And On Moshi Monsters

The Upcoming Events In December And Janurary On Moshi Monsters And My Moshi Blog:

December 4 2010: Howie 2009Fire15’s Monster) Turns One Year Old On Dec.4! Visit My 1st Room, Andy06au’s 4th Room, And Badgirl66’s 5th Room On Dec.4 To Join The Party! You can Also Visit The Forums And Look For My Discussion To Have Fun And Visit My 1st Room!!!!

December 15 2010: 2009Fire15’s 4th Moshi Contest!  Go To 2009Fire15’s Pin Board On Dec.15 To See More Info! The Contest Prizes Will Only Be Gifts! MANY Gifts!!

December 25 2010: MOSHI CHRISTMAS! VISIT THE MOSHI STREETS AND LOOK AT THE DECORATIONS! Buy Christmas Items At The Yukea! Visit 2009Fire15’s Room To Also Join The Christmas Fun!

December 30 2010: Almost New Years Eve! Go To 2009Fire15’s Room To Join The New Year Fun!

December 31 2010: New Years Eve! Visit 2009Fire15’s Room And Pin Board! On This Date, Over 70 Gifts Will Be Given Out And There Will Be MANY Awesome Stuff On 2009Fire15’s Pin Board!

January 1 2011: HAPPY NEW YEAR! On This Date, Go To 2009Fire15’s Room To Join The New Year Fun! You Can Also Look At His Pin Board To See How Many Times You Have Visited Me With V#’s!

Janurary 03,2011: The Moshi Staff List For This Blog Is Gonna Be Up To Date! So The Staff Will Be RE-ORGANIZED, As It Isn’t Much Organized As Of Now. LOL

January 30 2011: All 49/52 Arby Codes Are Gonna Be Ready And Here On This Moshi Site! Keep Checking Back!

-2009Fire15 😀

2009Fire15 Is NOW On Level 25!!!!!!!

I Am No On Level 25!!!! Woo Hoo!!! Look At The Trophy:



Slug Slurp Slushie 25% The Rox Off!!!!

Wow!!! The Slug Slurp Slushie Is NOW 10 Rox Instead Of 15 Rox!!! But ONLY For A Limited Time! Take A Look:

Cool Huh? Well GO Buy Your Slushies Now! I Bought A Few Too! 🙂

***NEW!!!!*** Chatbox Now Here!!!!!!

Hello Everyone!! I Have Made A CHATBOX! A Chatbox Is A Chat Where You Can Chat! LOL Its Really Cool, JUST CLICK HERE, OR THE LINK BELOW TO GO TO IT: