Welcome to MME!

Welcome to Moshi Monsters Expressway (MME) We are a public Moshi Monsters blog that aim to provide Moshi fans with latest Moshi monsters information! We’ve got it all here! We have Moshi Monsters guides, tutorials, secrets, tips, tricks, cheats, codes, new updates and more! Once we know it we’ll show it! Serving monsters since August 7 2010.

Moshi Monsters Expressway is run mainly by 2009Fire15 , who created and owns MME. Rosscp and Lukey140701 are administrators, along with other workers helping out such as Lmummery, Moshlinginfo, Mrwallop and Goldenchildngo!

Here’s an image of 2009fire15’s monster ‘Howie’, and his room!



Click here to visit 2009Fire15’s room!
Click here to visit Rosscp’s room!
Click here to visit Lukey140701’s room!

We hope you love MME! Check it all out! We have lots of pages and amazing stuff for you to check out! 🙂


187 thoughts on “Welcome to MME!

  1. Thanks My lovely Fire for inviting me to have a look at this page 😀
    I’m very pleased with your work , and also keep visiting my blog , i use to visit ur blog 7 times or more a day .. And its always pleasure to see your amazing & hard work

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